Modeling of your Engineering process

Our mission is to put digital modeling at the service of your process and product projects, to help you accelerate your developments, control the risks of your investments and projects, plan, optimize and innovate. Clearly it is the effectiveness of your studies, and their security.

Our service

 Our consulting and collaboration services include :  

  •        Listening to your needs consist in defining a concrete scientific/engineering study taking into account your constraints.
  •        Specification of models and simulation method to meet these objectives within your time constrain.
  •        The realization is made in the state of the art, according to your specifications, possibly including the correlations deemed necessary.
  •        Interpretation of the results

Our engagements

  •        Strict with deadlines
  •        Complying with the defined budget
  •        Listening and respecting your objectives
  •        Integration of the challenges and characteristics of your industrial environment
  •        Advice on which numerical model to choose
  •        Analysis and advice on the results obtained